SW19 Lawyers Employment Laws for Employees

Firstly, the grey areas of employment laws in the UK can be complex and overwhelming.

Feeling discriminated?

Worried about contractual issues?

Thinking about retiring?

Starting a family?

If you need advice or practical assistance, SW19 Lawyers ‘hands-on’ ethos might be exactly what you need.

Workplace Legislation

We understand how daunting legal matters can be and we are fully aware that an understanding of the rights you are entitled to are not always apparent. Let us give you a helping hand…

Everyone’s situation is unique them while emotions can run high when faced with difficult policies and people that you have worked with.

Let us reassure you that whatever your issue, we have seen it before and more importantly, we tailor our advice and service according to the individual’s story.

SW19 Lawyers Employment Laws for Employees

Employment Laws

Employment laws are incredibly broad, ranging from claims, contracts, unfair dismissals and protections against discrimination. These laws are designed to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all workers while maintaining a harmonious working environment.

It can be wise to seek advice from a third party outside your place of work, impartial and legally astute.

Human Resources can be an incredibly helpful department within any corporation, but it is important to remember that HR is ultimately on the company’s payroll.

Seeking unbiased council is always advisable in any workplace dispute.

We, at SW19 Lawyers, provide a pragmatic service to ensure you get the best possible outcome whether you have an issue with your benefits, pay, grievances of any kind, maternity/paternity discussions or even whistleblowing.

Let us provide you with up-to-date legal counsel, guidance and support to ensure you have all the information required to feel empowered and treated fairly in your place of work.

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