Employer’s Guide to Menopause Support in the Workplace

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) offers comprehensive advice for employers regarding menopause support in the workplace, emphasising legal obligations and potential consequences for inadequate measures.

Furthermore, the EHRC highlights the imperative of safeguarding staff experiencing menopause symptoms, as research reveals significant negative impacts on work life for two-thirds of affected women.

The report suggests key recommendations for employers:

  • Provide designated rest areas and quiet rooms.
  • Promote flexibility in work location and varying shift patterns.
  • Simple practical adjustments to working environments. For example, cooling systems or fans to alleviate hot flushes.
  • Consider relaxing uniform policies and offering cooler clothing options.

Encouraging Conversations about the Menopause

EHRC emphasises fostering a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing menopause symptoms and requesting necessary adjustments to their work environment.

Failure to provide adequate support or reasonable adjustments may result in discrimination claims under the Equality Act 2010.  Particularly if menopause symptoms substantially impair daily activities and are deemed a disability.  Employers are legally obligated to make reasonable adjustments and prevent discrimination based on disability, age, or sex. Additionally, employers must conduct workplace risk assessments in compliance with health and safety legislation.

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