Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been given a settlement agreement by my employer. Can you advise me on whether the offer is fair?

We deal with many settlement agreements in a wide variety of businesses. We can discuss whether you have any claims and be looking for increased compensation (if there is any discrimination involved or if a fair redundancy procedure hasn’t been used for example).

I have been offered a new job at a competitor but my existing employment contract has restrictions on what I can do after the termination of my employment. Can you advise on my risk?

We will need to see your existing contract and talk to you about your future plans. We can then advise on whether your current restrictions are likely to work and, if so, the risk of them affecting you in your new job.

I’m about to return to work from maternity leave but have been told there’s been a reorganisation while I was away and my job’s no longer there. What can I do?

We have helped many women with issues arising from their pregnancy or maternity leave. What you are facing may be discrimination. We would meet you and discuss what you want to achieve – that may be returning to a better job than is offered or leaving with a termination package.

I work in the City and have been offered a redundancy package. I have valuable LTIPs, share options and bonus, so need clear advice on those so I don’t lose out. Can you help?

We help many people working in the City and have a depth of experience in dealing with complex salary and benefit packages.

My boss treats me really badly and I’ve had to get signed off by my doctor with work related stress. Can you help me decide what to do?

We see many people suffering from stress because of what’s happening at work. We understand how difficult it can be and support you sensitively.

We are experienced in discussing and providing options and solutions. That may be raising a grievance, negotiating a termination package or making a tribunal claim.

I’ve been dismissed: do you deal with unfair dismissal claims?

Yes we take cases successfully to the tribunal. But we do like to resolve the situations as amicably as we can and outside of the court room which is less costly and stressful for the individual.

I’m finding it hard juggling work and the family. Can you suggest ways to help me at work?

We can talk to you about the range of options open to you and help you with, for example, making a request to work part time.

I am worried my employer is seeking to get rid of me. I’ve been put on a performance plan and am very worried. Can you help me?

We can discuss and suggest a strategy to deal with the issues arising depending on what you want to achieve. What we advise very much depends on whether you want to stay or leave with a reasonable termination package.

We need to make a business reorganisation. I want minimal disruption and risk. Can you help?

We help businesses restructure, from large – scale redundancies needing collective consultation, to situations where just a handful of employees are being made redundant. We will provide all the paperwork you need and a clear practical briefing on what to do.

We are proposing to buy another business – can you tell us about whether we have to take all that business’ employees?

We are happy to help you through TUPE, the transfer of undertakings regulations and advise on your practical options for dealing with staff.

Our contracts of employment and staff handbook need an update. If this something you do and what is the cost?

We have up to date contracts that can be tailored for your business (to include restrictions on what former staff can do at a competitor, for example).

We will recommend a minimum number of policies and you can pick and choose any additional ones from our comprehensive handbook. If you want to introduce a bonus or other incentive, we can provide you with clear documentation.

Our prices are competitive and depend on how much we need to tailor the documents for your business. We usually give a fixed quote for this work.

We have a member of staff who’s not up to the job and we want them to leave. They’ve been with us a long time. How do I deal with this?

We can support you with clear briefing on steps to take to minimise risk. This may include advising you on a performance process or offering a termination package. We will provide all the documents you need.

One of our employees is always off sick and I’m not sure what to do. Can you help?

This can be a complex area. But we have helped many clients successfully to deal with such situations. We will need to help you investigate the reasons for the absence. We will provide you with options of how to deal with the situation and support you to reach the result that you want.

One of our valued members of staff is returning from maternity leave and wants to work part time. I’m worried if I agree, that will open the floodgates for many others to apply. What are my options?

We will talk to you about your business needs and options. Staff have a right to ask to work flexibly, not a right to work flexibly. There are a number of statutory reasons which enable you to turn down a request, such as detrimental effect on ability to meet customer demand.

We will also talk to you about minimising the risk of a discrimination claim if you say no to others.

We dismissed a member of staff and now they’ve put a tribunal claim in against us for unfair dismissal and age discrimination. What should we say in our defence?

We have a great deal of experience in successfully dealing with tribunal claims.

We find out about why and how you dismissed them and then provide you with options for either defending or settling the claim on a reasonable basis, as appropriate.

I run a new employment business and understand there are particular regulations I have to follow. Can you advise me on them?

We help both new and existing employment businesses through the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations. We provide you with all necessary documentation to ensure you are compliant.

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