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Employment law solicitors

We provide individuals with pragmatic solutions to their employment issues in the workplace. We help individuals achieve their objective in a cost-effective manner.

Advice is provided on all employment legal issues from reviewing employment contracts to employment claims for unfair dismissal and/or discrimination, for example.

Our employment law solicitors also provide advice on settlement agreements, restrictive covenants and whistleblowing.

Our tactical approach is tailored to each individual’s needs in what can be a delicate and stressful situation.

“I needed a good employment lawyer as a matter of urgency. At a time when I was upset, stressed and unsure of my rights, I found SW19Lawyers immensely helpful. They were easy to talk to, understanding, clearly knowledgeable and very experienced. Professional but approachable, they made a difficult time easier for me.

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Employment law solicitors in London

Navigate employment law with our trusted guidance. Our seasoned lawyers will be your strategic compass in the legal maze.

Areas we cover

Our employment law solicitors also provide legal advice and support on the following areas of emloyment law for individuals:

Agency Workers

Are you an agency worker? Do you know your rights? Do you know the identity of your employer?

We advise a number of employment agencies and have acted for individuals in similar circumstances. We can help you though the technical legislation.


Have you been offered a bonus which is labelled “discretionary” and your employer is now seeking not to pay it? Have you received a similar level of bonus for the last 5 years?

Do you have stock options? Do you understand what happens to them when you leave?

Are you off work on long term sick with Permanent Health Insurance?

Is your employer wanting to reduce or change your benefits?

If you are faced with any of the above or any other issues relating to benefits, come and talk to us for advice on how to deal with these issues.

Bonus Disputes

Challenging bonus awards – we have experience of advising on these matters and can help determine whether the bonus is contractual or discretionary based on the facts.

Bullying and Harassment

Our employment law solicitors can help if you are facing bullying or harassment by your boss or colleague. We will suggest ways of dealing with it if you want to stay or an exit strategy if you want to leave.

You may also be suffering from stress and we are experienced in supporting you to a resolution.

Changes in Job Role/Reporting Lines

We can help if you are facing a change to your job or reporting structure.

Changes to your contract generally have to be made with agreement. If there is in fact a reorganisation and a redundancy, we help on this and support you in challenging it if appropriate or improving the redundancy package.

Disciplinary Investigations

It can be a stressful and daunting process to be the subject of a disciplinary investigation/hearing and face the possibility of dismissal from your job. You may even have been suspended.

It is important that you understand the process and the implications of the investigation and hearing and are properly prepared for each stage.

We can support you through this process, many clients have benefited from our expert guidance.

If you are required to attend a disciplinary hearing, we can offer you access to a trade union and arrange for you to be accompanied by an experienced trade union official.

Discrimination Claims

Do you believe that you have been treated less favourably than other employees in the workplace because of your sex, race, colour, age or religion or because of your sexual orientation, for example?

If so, our employment law solicitors can advise and help you raise the issue with your employer in a sensitive manner to achieve the appropriate outcome. If you have to make a tribunal claim, we are experienced in dealing with what are often complex claims.

Where possible we will always consider with you the practicalities and benefits of achieving a settlement.

Employment Contracts and Consultancy Agreements

If you are about to start a new role, we can review your contract of employment/consultancy agreement and help you negotiate changes.

Employees all too often simply sign their new contracts without first reviewing them – by coming to us at the beginning of the relationship we can help prevent serious issues arising on exit.

Are you in dispute with your employer about your existing contract? If so we can advise you on how best to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Are you unsure as to whether to have an employment contract or a consultancy agreement? We can steer you through the maze.

Employment Tribunal Proceedings

Are you considering making a claim against your employer? If so, then it is best to receive specialist advice from the outset.

We advise on the whole range of employment claims including unfair, constructive and wrongful dismissal, discrimination, whistleblowing, unlawful deduction of wages and TUPE.

We will give you a fee estimate for making the claim and advise you on the likelihood of success. Making a claim can be a daunting prospect and we will provide you with support and expert advice during the process.


Do you have a concern at work? You may need to raise this formally as a grievance. Your employer should have a grievance policy, which will set out the procedure to be followed.

It is important to consider the implications of raising a grievance before going ahead. These situations can be very stressful and our experience in this area enables us to give you practical and strategic advice.

Company procedures can sometimes result in the grievance process running on for some considerable time and we can advise you on how best to deal with the process.

We can assist you in producing the grievance itself and advise you where the grievance will lead on to a claim in the Employment Tribunal, such as constructive dismissal, bullying and harassment, whistleblowing or discrimination.

We can offer you access to a trade union and arrange for you to be accompanied to your grievance hearing by an experienced trade union official.

Job Offers and Interviews

Have you just been offered a job? You should come to us to get advice on your contract or employment; we can review your contract of employment/consultancy agreement and help you negotiate changes.

Employees all too often simply sign their new contracts without first reviewing them – by coming to us at the beginning of the relationship we can help prevent serious issues arising on exit.

Have you just been turned down for a job? Do you have concerns that this was because of your age, sex, disability or religion or your sexual orientation? Were you uncomfortable with some of the questions that were asked in this area?

We can advise whether you have a claim for discrimination.

Maternity and Paternity issues

Are you on maternity leave and find you’re threatened with redundancy? Or you’ve come back and find your job’s gone, changed or you’re being sidelined? You want to work flexibly now you have a family and want advice on this. Perhaps your boss is not keen on you taking paternity leave.

We can help with practical solutions here.


Whether you want to resolve a difficult working relationship, or address an issue before it develops to a formal disciplinary or grievance matter, we can help you.

Mediation can provide you with a more cost effective legal solution rather than taking the matter through the tribunal or the courts.

Our employment law solicitors have been successful in concluding lengthy, complex mediations in conjunction with accredited mediators. We support the flexible approach to solving work place issues in a pragmatic, solution orientated manner for either party.

Part Time Workers

Are you working part-time and worried that you are being treated less favourably as regards your terms and conditions, compared to full timers?

If you have already raised such an issue with your employers and now find you are being prejudiced at work as a result, we can help.

Or perhaps you are working full time but want to shift to part time working; we are experienced in supporting you here.

Partnerships and LLPs

Advice on LLP and partnership agreements, formations, conversions of companies and partnerships to LLPs

  • Expulsions
  • The duty of good faith
  • Discrimination issues
  • Remuneration structures
Post Termination Restrictions

We can help you as to what restrictions will apply after the end of your employment. This could be in a job offer, when you are being asked to sign a new contract, or where you’ve left and you want to know what you can and can’t do in a new job.

You might want to set up on your own and need to know how far you can go in approaching your old customers and colleagues and what steps you can take whilst still working for your old employer.

Our experience means we can help you assess your risks.

Privacy at Work

Are you concerned about your employer reading your private emails or monitoring your internet usage?

If so, come and talk to us.


We support you at what is often a stressful time. We assess whether the redundancy package is fair and is it is not, help you to improve it. We have successfully done so for many clients.

There may also be unfair dismissal or discrimination issues, which we have substantial experience in dealing with.


Do you think you are being pushed out of your job because of your age? Do you feel that your employer is trying to persuade you to retire?

If so, we can advise you on whether this treatment could constitute age discrimination and how to handle any discussions that might take place

Senior Executives

If you are a senior executive, receiving practical and measured advice on the terms of your appointment or your departure can be of vital importance to your career.

The impact of the length and extent of restrictive covenants if you leave, for example, can sometimes be overlooked when agreeing to the terms of your service agreement.

We can review the agreement with you and assist you in negotiating its terms. Similarly on an exit, we can give you clear and practical advice.

Decisions may need to be taken as to whether to bring a claim in the High Court or the Employment Tribunal or in both.

Whatever the concerns you have with regard to your termination of employment – whether it is whistleblowing, bonuses, discrimination, or disciplinary concerns, we can advise you and help you consider the options open to you.

Settlement Agreements

If your employment is to be terminated, you may well find you are offered a settlement agreement to sign (these used to be called compromise agreements). Under such an agreement, you agree to settle any claims against your employer, in return for them giving you a termination payment.

For the agreement to be legally binding, you have to take independent legal advice and that’s where we come in.  It’s usual for your employer to pay your legal costs for this.

Our employment law solicitors help with all types of settlement agreements, from short and straightforward to long and detailed, from those offering regular termination payments to those offering substantial exit packages.

We help with complex settlement agreements for senior executives, with tax, share and bonus issues and post termination restrictions.

Our team has substantial experience in dealing with high value settlement agreements, for professionals and in the financial services industry in particular. We are on the referral panel for a number of major financial institutions.

Restrictions that apply to you after the end of your employment can be of particular concern, affecting your next role or business plans. Our team is skilled at helping with these issues.

So, whatever your settlement agreement, whether long or short, we can help.

Social Media

Use of Social Media is a real hot topic with employers and a number of employees have found themselves disciplined or even dismissed for inappropriate use.

Employees need to take great care in this area and we can advise you if you have concerns. It is important to know what limitations your employer has placed on the use of social media both inside and outside work.

Team Moves

You and a few colleagues want to leave and set up on your own account or in competition with your employer.

What are the risks and how can you take steps to safeguard your position and not find yourself on the receiving end of an injunction? We can help.

Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE)

Has your employer transferred its business to another company? If so are you unsure about what rights you have? Is your new employer trying to change your terms and conditions? Are you unsure about the consultation process?

We can advise you on your rights in this complex area.

Unfair Dismissal

Have you been unfairly dismissed or do you have concerns that you might be? We have extensive experience in dealing with all stages of the disciplinary process and can provide you with good, strategic and practical advice as to your position.

Early advice in any disciplinary or performance management process can be key in ensuring a better outcome. Your career and reputation may be at stake.

If you wish to make a claim in the Employment Tribunal, then our employment law solicitors can advise you and where possible we will always consider with you the practicalities and benefits of achieving a settlement.


Do you suspect any wrongdoing in the work place but do not know what to do about it? If so, you may be able to raise a concern and protect yourself from dismissal etc at the same time.

We have dealt with many cases of alleged wrong doing in the workplace – from health and safety to alleged tax evasion. Come and talk to us.

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