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Dealing with employment law on your own can be incredibly daunting. With so much information at our fingertips,

How do You Know the Correct Guidelines to Follow?

Different companies and countries have different protocol so how do you sieve through all the information to find what you need?

Simple… Come and talk to us at SW19 Lawyers, we are Employment and Commercial Law Specialists who understand how emotional and overwhelming workplace controversies such as Employment Law and Redundancy can be.

Often the risk of redundancy can be a shock. You might have been at your place of work for your whole career or only walked in the door recently, either way, we can help you understand your rights, the implications and how you can activate the next stages.

It is important to remember that while your HR department is for personnel like you, they work on behalf of the company, so their advice will often be in favour of what is right for the business itself rather than you personally.

We at SW19 Lawyers can be unbiased, informative and are completely up to date on all laws and amendments especially if you anything has changed since your contract was first signed.

What if You have just got a new job? Having discrepancies with Your new or Existing Contract?

We specialize in Employment Law and can assist you before the contract is signed to ensure you know your rights while safeguarding and pre-­‐emptying any issues arising later.

We can provide advice, assistance or action where needed.

With a lot of experience under our belt, facilitating clients with negotiation and counselling to improve their redundancy packages is our goal.

However, we understand that not all redundancies are straightforward and if you feel discriminated against or unfairly treated in any way,

We can work on your case to guide you with product advice and authoritative support to move you forward to a mutually agreed outcome.

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