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In the bustling centre of Wimbledon sits our offices, home to Wimbledon Tennis Championships, theatres, restaurants and affluent residents.

Commercial and Employment Law

At SW19Lawyers we are lucky to be in the heart of South West London. We are easily accessible and available to offer you outstanding personal advice and legal services.

Expert Solicitors

With a team of highly trained, expert legal professionals to hand we are pleased to offer specialist services on legal fields including Commercial and Employment Law in and around the Wimbledon area.

Whether you are the employer or employee, Employment Law can be incredibly complex, changeable and utterly stressful;

We are specialists in this area whether you are a part-time worker, a partner in the company, a business owner or a full-time long term employee we can help with unfair dismissals, contract issues, training, retirement options, compensations and restructures.

The Commercial Law thread of our services is, for the most part, to do with the legal implications surrounding the running and commercial aspects of businesses and their transactions, otherwise known as Trade Law, this type of law applies to trade, sales, persons, rights, contracts and more.

Our clients come from a variety of organisations including large corporations, government offices and financial services meaning we have a wealth of experience to advise, assist and collaborate with our clients on a personal level.

We care about people and UK businesses. We understand the needs of the company objectives versus the needs of the individuals which is why we have an excessive amount of experience in both arenas and on both sides of the fence.

Our Service Takes You from The Initial Query All the Way to The Final Resolution.

Home to a highly qualified team of lawyers, we have become synonymous for professionalism and quality performance in the area.

Wimbledon is one of London’s most desirable spots for young professionals commuting in and out of the city, couples, young families and residents who have lived there their whole life;

It’s utterly diverse and hugely sort after. There is a huge requirement for this specialist type of law, and we are proud to be available to help.

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