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Settlement Agreements is a legal document that exists as a solution to a dispute between two parties.

At SW19 Lawyers we have built a team of highly experienced solicitors who can create pleasing and fair solutions for our clients.

We understand that all our clients bring the unique and personal case to our door and as such we are proud to be able to deliver sound solutions that ensure cases are resolved fairly and in the best interests of our clients.

  • The agreement must mention and be related to a specific incident, dispute, aggrievement or complaint. It is important that the agreement indicates exactly the cause for the actioned motion in the first instance.
  • Both parties must sign the document. This agreement can only be confirmed if both parties have confirmed they agree to the final settlement.
  • The settlement agreement must be in physical form. It must be in writing so that employee and employer have a completely transparent understanding of the outcome.
  • The employee is not only entitled but it is compulsory that they have independent legal representation. The outcome must be fair, and this is the simplest way. The legal adviser I question must also be documented in the agreement.

Employment law can be obscure, and rights have changed over the years so having the correct, up-to-date information is essential. Understanding your rights whether you are the employer or employee can be frustrating. We can help.


So, how can SW19 Lawyers help with Settlement Agreements?

  • UK Labour Law stipulates that if you are looking to sign a legal document such as a settlement agreement that a legal adviser should be present.
  • At SW19 Lawyers we are happy to not only advise our clients but also negotiate on their behalf. This can be incredibly beneficial and is something that should be discussed. We have advised shareholders and directors, employees in both the private and public sectors; we are well equipped to deal with the details and logistics of these such employment discrepancies.
  • You are well within your rights to make the first move when it comes to getting compensation and resolution for your employment settlement. We are happy to help with a solid exit strategy.

At SW19 Lawyers our qualified team specialise in Employment law, we understand how cases can get complex, lengthy and above all very personal. Contact us today and let the stress of your situation, whether you are an employer or employee dissolve in our hands.

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