Managing Disputes in the Workplace

We offer mediation as a possible first step in managing disputes in the workplace. It is an effective alternative means of resolving complaints and managing change.

The benefits of managing disputes with mediation

  • Mediation is a ‘Win Win’ situation. While mediation may not always result in an immediate settlement, it frequently leads to resolution shortly thereafter. This is primarily attributed to the enhanced clarity surrounding the disputed issues. As a result, the involved parties gain a deeper comprehension of their concerns and, upon reflection, may discover a way to reconcile their differences.
  • Managing disputes in the workplace with mediation is quick. It saves management time and short cutting internal grievance procedures or employment tribunal claims.
  • It’s cheaper than litigation. Legal action is very costly. There are potentially huge savings to be made by using workplace mediation.
  • Mediation encourages communication.  Individuals in conflict are often inflexible and avoid direct communication with the opposing party, relying on a third party. The face-to-face meeting in a joint mediation session reinstates direct communication between the parties. Thus fostering an opportunity for them to address the origins of the dispute, aiming to prevent the recurrence of similar situations in the future.

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