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Knowing your rights and the employment law when it comes to your workplace can be confusing, daunting and scary. After all your entire livelihood depends on the way the organisation is run and the way the business views you and your role within the organisation.

Situations with your employment can suddenly change and it is important to know where you stand. Quite honestly the impact on any one person can be a financially, mentally and emotionally scarring and demotivating.

Employment Law for Businesses

At SW19 Lawyers, we have dealt with cases from the point of view of the individual and from the point of view of the corporations.

With a seasoned team of employment law experts, we offer comprehensive legal strategies for businesses, professional partnerships, and institutions.

We empower in-house departments to handle workplace legal matters, from large-scale restructures to personnel challenges.

We understand how both parties react and engage; this can be hugely advantageous for new clients seeking our help. Getting underneath the reasoning for the discrepancy can mean a quicker fix and more valuable result.

Indeed, having an expert in employment law will make an attractive decision. It can be highly emotional and complicated going through your contracts, national labour laws and changes in circumstances; this is where we step in.

Professional and Balanced Approach

Our team specialise in employment law; resignations, redundancies, maternity and paternity leave, unfair dismissals, settlement agreements, contract issues, grievances and mediation.

Employment Law Cases

We have seen highly complex cases to more common concerns. It is our professional approach and balanced view that will always work in our clients favour.

Discrepancies with your manager, HR or another staff member can be extremely upsetting, time consuming and physically draining. By hiring an employment solicitor who specialises in your required area, means you can step back and feel confident and more in control of the circumstances during this uncertain period.   Contact us today to discuss your employment law needs.

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